1. Apartment

Tanwo Interior Design will work with you to ensure that you choose a style that you like from one of the many apartment that Tanwo has already Completed, Apartment Interior Design is becoming a necessary aspect of when you invest into an apartment whether it be a Second home investment or a new Family home. Tanwo Interior Design has many ideas and concepts to suit all styles and various standards to cater for all budgets. If you are just deciding to give your existing apartment a makeover or if you have just or considering Buying an apartment then Tanwo Design will work with you and have your apartment completely furnished from scratch. (see catalogue for more details and pictures

Other services include:

·         Satellite Installation

·         Internet Installation

·         Telephone Installation

·         Apartment and Property Management. (see Property Management on Home page)

·         Apartment Maintenance.

  1. Villas

Villas are always a very special investment and Many times once that Villa has been chosen or whether you are having it Built from Scratch Tanwo Design will work with you to offer you a Professional Service of Interior Design, Most Villas are bought with a large level of Investment and become of large land and many rooms, And often you don’t know where to start, Tanwo Design have provided there services for some of the High standing Villas, in the South of France and have also provided service external from France to certain Clients wishing to use the Professional Service of Tanwo Interior Design. Its very often once your Property has been bought, its very difficult to have the time to invest in searching the Furnishing from scratch to ensure your Property is completely furnished to, the standard you expect and you don’t have to have the Headache of organizing anything. (see catalogue for more details and pictures

  1. Gardens

Tanwo Design have designed some of the most exotic Garden in the South of France mainly in Villas where there is a large Garden space with Pool that needs to look as gorgeous, as the House itself, and Tanwo design work along side a professional landscaping Company, who can organize your Garden design from Scratch, with Pool design included, The Garden will be designed to suit your requirements and what you wish to provide for outside space of your House. Its very important to invest in the exterior space of your Villa as 36 weeks of Guaranteed sunshine is just what you need when you have a garden designed by Tanwo Design see catalogue for more details and pictures

  1. Kitchens

Organize your Apartment or Villa Kitchen can be one of the biggest headaches if the apartment or Villa has not had the original installed, Often Tanwo Design provide the Kitchen design service to organize a Kitchen in the smallest space you can imagine to the Largest catering Kitchens that suit those prestigious Apartment and Villas, Tanwo design have installed amazing kitchen in some of the greatest Villas and apartment in South of France and have contacts from one of the main Kitchen supplier in Italy, This is the perfect finish to your Apartment or Villa.see catalogue for more details and pictures

  1. Bar Lounge/Restaurants

Tanwo Design have provided there support for Bars Restaurants and have supported a lot of the main and well known Bars in the Centre of Cannes and Barcelona and offer a first class service from the start, If you are thinking of Buying a Bar Restaurant then Contact Tanwo Design to put that special touch to your Venture.

  1. Event/ Congress

Tanwo Design also offer a service to provide interior Design for Cocktail Parties if you are organizing a Party, Wedding, Cocktail Party, Beach Party, Villa Venue, then Tanwo Interior Design will organize that special touch to organize your Venue to suit the Theme you wish to provide your clients to experience, With many Congresses visiting Cannes Tanwo Design are the official partner of AES Cannes Accommodation and Events Specialist, Tanwo provide all the interior design aspects of all; the Events organized by AES Cannes, so for your Event Interior for your Venue don’t hesitate to Contact Tanwo Design.


Tanwo Design the most prestigious Interior Design Company in Cannes, Contact Tanwo Design to Start the process of Furnishing your Apartment Villa, Restaurant, Lounge Bar


Tanwo Design is a professional Interior Design Company situated in Cannes , Tanwo Design has been Established since January 2006, and has moved forward to be the most respected Interior Design Company on the French Riviera. Mary Tangale the sole Owner of Tanwo Design has produced some of the most amazing modern Interior Design on apartments in Cannes. Tanwo Design was set up by Mary Tangale due to the High demand of Property Buyers investing in Cannes due to the High Rental Income available to investors. Tanwo Design are also working closely with AES Cannes who specialize in Rentals for Congress and Holiday lettings and also Event organizing, and Tanwo have created some of the most prestigious apartments in Cannes available for Rentals. Tanwo Design works with a certain Code that can work for all budgets, and what ever your Product whether it be a studio apartment and amazing Villa or a Restaurant or Lounge Bar, Tanwo can organize and work with you to produce the perfect apartment for you.


Tanwo Design has created the no hassle way to help you furnish your apartment that you are buying without the headache of many trips over to Cannes that you just have not got time for, Tanwo will organize all aspects from Interior Design to delivery and installation so that your apartment is completely ready without you even lifting a finger.

Its very important to have the help to Furnish an apartment and with experience of new investors not even knowing where to search for beds, Tables, Knifes, Forks etc, Tanwo take all this away from your thoughts.

Tanwo can also introduce you to there Accommodation Partner AES Cannes, who will be interested in organizing to rent your apartment out if this is what you have in mind.

Take the headaches away and contact Tanwo Design.


Tanwo Design will work with you from Scratch or whether you want to give your apartment a make over, Mary Tangale and her team will complete all aspects from organizing with you what type of Style that you would like, you can choose from the many options in the catalogue to give an idea of what you would like your finished product to look like, there are many different options that are available, Once you have chosen the type of style you are interested Tanwo Design will do the rest and you just need to wait for the Final Product.

Apartments that are bought for investments its very important that you ensure the Apartment is up to standard. Most people would expect to have an interior Designer that’s going to cost an arm and a leg, well don’t worry Tanwo design are the Company that can work with you to achieve the high standing Apartment you wish for within the budget you have in mind.


Please find a wide selection of Apartments, Kitchen, Bathrooms, Garden, Restaurants, Bar lounges, this will help you have an idea what you like and to give Tanwo an idea of what your taste is before the Interior Design takes place.